Planning For Baby {35 Week Bump Update}

Life with four kids is busy, fun, and a little crazy at times. The homework and activities that come as they get older keeps us constantly on the go and active. I can remember a time when Ande and Owen were really little that I would've given anything to be this busy. Back then, I didn't really know how to fill my days, and the afternoons especially, would drag on!

So while I welcome the constant flow of activity around here, it's pretty exhausting at 35 weeks pregnant! This has been the hardest pregnancy so far, both physically and mentally. I feel so blessed to have a healthy baby and a body that can carry that baby, but man is it uncomfortable at times! The hardest part right now, is just keeping up the energy levels to get everything done! If I could bottle up the energy from these four kids, I'd be golden! 

As we excitedly look forward to Christmas, which is around the time the baby will arrive, it is more important than ever for me to stay organized. I used to remember anything and everything. Although with all the chaos lately, if I don't write something down it probably won't happen! I'm also a bit old fashioned in that I love having a physical calendar to write in. Throughout the year, my planner becomes more than just a calendar, but a record. It becomes like a journal full of memories. I tend to write more than just doctor appointments and karate classes. I use it to record our five year plans and all of the activities we hope to do together as a family.

I love this Mom Planner I recently received from Purple Trail! I've already started filling in family birthdays, family visits, and of course baby's due date! I'm using it to schedule all of our holiday fun, write down Christmas shopping lists, and all the baby names that we still can't decide on!

I love the cover design that I got to customize, and the simple design with so much space for writing and recording! Having a planner helps me get all the information swirling around my head at night onto paper, helping me feel a little less crazy and a little more ready to welcome baby number five in just a few short weeks!

Life lately, with four active kiddos, is pretty crazy and busy. But as we woke up to all the giggles and pitter-patter of feet yesterday, on Thanksgiving, I couldn't help but feel so grateful! I'm so lucky to be surrounded by almost five little bundles of joy every single day! And I am basically bursting at the seams to meet the newest member of our family while being surrounded by family this Christmas!

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Dear Lucy,

Dearest Lucy Grace,

You are the most treasured little girl in the world! It is now November, but back in July we got to celebrate your 2nd birthday. Celebrating with you is so easy because you are such a joyous girl! When you were younger, you would shout "hoorayyyy!!!" and "yayyy!!!!" for even the most mundane day to day events. You wear your emotions on your sleeve which makes it pretty easy to know what makes you happy and what makes you sad. When you are happy, you make everyone around you happy too!

Some of your favorite things are dogs, cats, the color pink, ballet class, playdoh, reading books, sleeping in, your blankies with the "corners," and baby dolls. You love baby dolls! I am cherishing each morning with just you and me right now, but I also can't wait to see you thrive as a loving, doting big sister in December! You have a natural talent for nurturing and loving. You love on your mama, daddy, and always want to be near your "boys." You love music and love to sing. If you are ever sad, music almost immediately calms you down!

Every night your dad and I sit and talk about all the funny, cute things you said or did that day. At this point, everything you do is cute, even your tantrums! You astound us with how smart you are, how well you talk, and your understanding of the world around you.

Last month, I decided to try my hand at potty training with you. I was told by a lot of people to just wait until after the baby was born, but I went for it anyway, feeling like you were ready. And boy were you ready! I couldn't believe that by the end of the first day, you were already running to the potty on your own. Your dad and I kept looking at each other in shock at how well you caught on. Every time we sit on the potty now you say, like clockwork, "if you have to go potty stop, and go right away, that's Daniel Tiger, right?" Thank you for making that easy for me baby girl!

Your first two years seem to have flown by faster than lightning. I feel the need to cherish every moment and document every little thing you say and do. It will be far too soon before you start talking without your cute little lisp, or start saying your "s's" and when you wake up and comb your own hair before I get a glimpse of your curly blonde bed head.

Happy (very late) birthday sweet Lucy Grace! We love you so much and can't wait to see you step into your role as a big sister this year!

Here are some special memories from your birthday back in July....