Those Big City Lights! || My Girl's Trip To NYC!

Over Christmas, my dad surprised me, my sister, sister-in-law, best friend, and mom with a trip to New York City! I felt like a little kid the entire trip, in awe of every light and tall building! The last time I visited the city was back in 2005 when my dad let me tag along on one of his business trips. This time, I got to have the girls in my family with me, and we had so much fun!

We started off with a trip to the LDS Temple, followed by some delicious cookies from Levain Bakery. While gallivanting around the upper west side, I was definitely day dreaming of living there...

And because it was Saturday, and I have a love for all things old and historical, we made the trek down to the Brooklyn Flea! We browsed a lot of fun vintage clothes and random nick-knacks. We also stumbled upon a family run metal-work and jewelry business where I got a vintage brass tie clip for Curtis with our anniversary stamped on it! It was so fun to watch the stamping first hand, and it made the perfect, meaningful Valentine's gift! We also were filmed for some documentary they were making about a small business that sells Jam! So random, but pretty fun!

The main event of our trip was our night out to see the amazing HAMILTON. I'm still trying to figure out how my dad managed to score tickets to this, but he did, and thank goodness for that!

Without kids, it's amazing all the activities you can squeeze in, and we were masters of this! Before the show, we stopped by a little fashion show, then had dinner at a fun restaurant near Times Square.

And then...Hamilton... Let me be honest, I hadn't really gotten into the hype of this musical before hand. Whenever something is really popular, I tend to go against the grain and not participate- just because. Just to be different. Well, having seen it in all it's glory, I can officially say it was amazing and I definitely teared up and felt emotional during the show! So if by some magic you can find tickets to see it, you should!

On our last day in the city, we braved the cold rain and visited with a friend of ours from college, walked around the MOMA, taxi'd down to Purl Soho so I could gawk at the wall of buttery soft wool, and of course, we got more cookies.

We really packed a lot into our short trip, but the best part was getting that sister-mom-friend bonding time. I can't thank my dad enough for such a fun gift and I'm already looking forward to next year...!

What is your favorite thing to do/visit/see in New York City!? I'm hoping to go back soon with kids and husband in tow and we're gonna hit up all those touristy spots!

Dear Milo,




I am SO glad I waited to write your birthday letter until today. You turned five a couple weeks ago, but last night you impressed me and I just have to document it. 

You are really into ninjas lately. Not only are you always up for a good wrestle, but you love to jump around the house showing off your ninja skills. Last night, we went as a whole family to take you to your first karate class. I could tell you were a little bit nervous because your head was down, and you whispered your name ever so softly to the guy at the front desk when he asked. But then you put on your white uniform, and stepped onto the mat to join the class. You were the only new kid in the class,  but once you were out there, you started beaming with joy. You noticed how all the other kids shouted, "YES Ma'am!" to the teacher when she called on them to do something, and the first time she called your name, right away you shouted, "Yes Ma'am!" That is the moment where my eyes started welling up with tears. You started out a little nervous, but you put on your brave face and really went for it! I watched you work so hard to follow along, and I've never seen cuter karate moves in my entire life! Your dad and I could not stop smiling and giggling while watching you in that class. It made me so happy to see you happy, and to watch you doing something that you truly loved. It was such a simple thing, but it has filled up my mama heart and I never want to forget it.

You truly are a brave little boy, who's growing into a not-so-little boy. As I said last year, you are energetic and fun, but also extremely loving and sweet. You still never miss an opportunity to hug me and express love for me. When I need to leave you at home with your dad, you kiss me good bye several times, and then follow me out the door to help "push" my car out of the driveway. Whenever your dad leaves for work, you love to run down the hall to jump into his arms before he goes. 

Even though you are five now, and growing like a weed, and not the youngest in the family, I think I will always think of you as my "baby." But as much as I want to keep you little forever, I also love watching you grow into the amazing boy that you are. As much as I tear up thinking about you starting Kindergarten this fall, I know that you will flourish there. 

We had so much fun celebrating your special day, full of dinosaurs, legos, and transformers. I love you so much Mi-guy, Happy Birthday!