Friday Finds...on Saturday

I know...

You are probably just so upset with me for not doing my usual Friday Finds post yesterday.

Ok, ok, it is more likely that you didn't even notice, but I forgive you.

I actually have a really great excuse for slacking off a little on my posting.
My best friend is going on a mission for church and had enlisted me to help her make all of the skirts that she will be bringing with her to wear. We bought the fabric long ago, but haven't even touched it since. Well, we finally realized that she's leaving in like 11 days, so we decided we better get to work!!! Yesterday, we decided on a couple great skirt making tutorials and cut out our patterns. 

For today's "Friday (uh hummm Saturday) Finds" I'll share with you the 2 awesome skirt patterns that we are going to use. Both tutorials are absolutely fabulous and easy to follow, in case you have some fabric laying around that is just begging to be made into a skirt!

I love this style skirt. It makes me think... 1950's, vintage, twirly, and fun.
I have actually already used this tutorial once for a Christmas present and it was so easy to follow.
This is a skirt that you could make in a day, easily.

Yet another ridiculously easy skirt to make.
Isn't it just adorable with the huge bow belt?
For my friend's purposes, we are adapting the pattern just a tad. 
We've got to add a little length so that it is just below her knees, and we are going to skip over the pleats and simply make the entire waist band elastic instead.

When fall comes around and I am not pregnant, and I can finally wear real clothes again, I want to make some of these skirts for myself! But for now, I have a lot of work to do this weekend to get these skirts done in time!

What will you be sewing this weekend?

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