It's Birthday Time!

We just celebrated my wonderful Mom's birthday yesterday. It is always so nice when my immediate family (plus those we married) can get together to just talk and be around each other. We were sad to not have my little sister there, but it was a fantastic dinner. I hope we can all do it again when my Dad's birthday rolls around in a couple weeks!

Friday is my little Ande's 2nd birthday. Holy Moly! I can't believe it. I am so excited to make the day extra special for him, especially since he understands a little better this year than he did last year. At the same time, I get pretty sad when I think about him stepping out of the "baby stage" and into the "toddler" stage. I guess he has been a toddler for quite a while, but he when you're 2, you're officially not a baby anymore. No more counting by months.

We are excited to be having a little play time at the park on Saturday to celebrate. The forecast says it might storm that day, but I am holding out hope that it will be nice in the afternoon. I wanted to post his birthday invitation for anyone who feels inclined to join, to just come and run around at the park.  Anyone is welcome! We will have lots of cupcakes! This is also for family that I know is too far away. I thought you might enjoy seeing the cute little invite anyways.

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