Mail Time!

Ande's birthday fun is already beginning. When we checked the mail today he had 2 cards and 1 package just for him! Lucky kid! I decided that I just couldn't wait until my "Sunday Snapshots" to post pictures, especially because I plan on taking a lot more throughout the day tomorrow and Saturday. So here are the beginnings of a weekend-long birthday celebration:

 Thanks to Lito and Lita, Ande now understands the joys of the PEZ...
 He stuffed an entire package in his mouth at one time. He just couldn't wait.

Oh, and if you've visited my shop lately, then you must have noticed this lovely new addition...

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  1. I cannot believe Ande is 2! So fun. I love that age! He is such a cute little dude. I hope he had a great birthday with you and your family!