Sunday Snapshots {5}

When I was little I had night terrors pretty often.
There were several recurring dreams that just haunted me with spiders, skeletons, and this one scary looking lady.
This scary lady would follow me and chase me and I felt like I could never run fast enough to get away from her.
I remember wanting to go get in my parents bed but I was too afraid to run across the dark hallway because I thought there was a goblin standing in the kitchen waiting for me.
I was scared of a lot of things as a little kid, but I will never forget those awful nightmares.

Well, I think Ande has started having a recurring nightmare.
Want to know what his nightmare is about?
Of course you do...


It has happened a few times now. He wakes up screaming,
"I want my blankie back!!! I want my blankie back!!!"
I run into his room thinking he dropped his blankie on the floor or something, but there it is right in his hand.
He has tears in his eyes, but he is basically still asleep.
I put his blanket back over him and he is fast asleep, not a peep the rest of the night.
I realized that he didn't actually lose his blankie, but that it must be a dream/
For Ande, a dream about someone taking his Blankie away must be the worst kind of nightmare there is!
I hate to see him scared like that, but if that is the scariest thing his little brain can imagine, then I am okay with that.

Alright, on to a snapshot of our week.

I am making a little sign to go outside by our front door (which I'll probably post about later this week) and I had to get out the paint for it. I thought it would be fun for Ande to join in the fun. This was his first experience with paint and he loved it. I told him to draw a picture of me, and this ^ is what he came up with. See the likeness?

Make sure you come back tomorrow for a Guest Post from a good friend of mine, Marisha.
She blogs over at Frugally Marisha where she has loads of great couponing/money saving tips every day!
Tomorrow she will be sharing some great tips on how to save money on groceries the easy way, for those of us not quite ready to be extreme couponers. It is going to be great!

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