Amy Butler Purse!

Today is gloomy.
Cloudy. Rainy. Dark.
What is a girl (with a toddler) to do on a day like this?
Needing a little break from the gym, we decided to venture over to the mall this morning.
There are geese sitting on their nests at almost every entrance.
Today, we were lucky enough to see a Momma goose and her 3 little baby chicks waddling around the parking lot, it was adorable.
We went to the mall so Ande could let out a little energy in the play place.
Unfortunately the play place is dirty, has one dinky little slide, and a bunch of rowdy kids fighting for a turn.
I decided that I don't really like other people's kids. Sorry. I like mine better.

Anyways, you are probably sick and tired of seeing crochet 24-7 on this blog, so I thought I'd show you a little sewing project today instead.
(Don't get too excited though, I have even more crochet posts lined up for next week!)
One of the many sewing related gifts I got for Christmas this year was the Amy Butler pattern book, Style Stitches.
It is chock full of different purse designs and patterns to try out.
I started making the Cosmo bag (bag that is on the cover), in January, and I just finished. Whew!
I have always loved to sew, but this is the first time I tried following an actual pattern all the way through. 
It was kind of difficult. I didn't always understand what the directions were telling me, but I made do and I think it turned out pretty great!

I got the fabric from Joann's. I just love the combination of pink and grey. The inside lining is even better, but I didn't get a picture of that.

This bag is HUGE! I can't wait to take it on our next trip to the beach. It could fit towels, lotion, a change of clothes, snacks, toys, etc. etc. Seriously, I feel like it is the little bag that Hermione has in Harry Potter that can hold an endless amount of stuff (anyone know what I'm talking about?).

I used the left over fabric to add a bottom panel to one of my maternity dresses. The dress was just about an inch too short but looked way too long to be paired with leggings. Instead of hemming it up and making it shorter for the leggings, I decided to make it a little longer. Now it will be nice and cool this summer and, I will be able to wear it to church.

if the rain would just go away for the weekend, that would be great. It is the annual father-son campout and I am SO excited to send little Ande off with his Daddy to camp for the first time!
I am mostly excited to take the child-free night to go outlet shopping with my momma. Is it Friday yet?


  1. Two things -

    1. I told you they were called goslings earlier today!

    2. It looks like rain tomorrow night and Saturday morning... any room in those outlet shops for two more?

  2. Cute bag! And I love the Harry Potter reference. {If you're talking HP, I'll always know what you're talking about.}

  3. I LOVE the purse! When can I get one????