Friday Finds: Cupboard Door-Gone-Art Desk

Oh boy. Today I am just feeling overwhelmed with everything I need to get done.
Why does everything always pile up at the same time?
I am the kind of person who likes to get things done super speedy.
Normally, all these things I am working on to finish by this weekend wouldn't bother me.
If I could just sit down for a block of hours and whip it all right out, it would all be done.
But that is just the thing, I don't have just a few hours to block off in my day.
I have to do a little here, a little there.
I have been sewing/crafting since 8:30 this morning and poor little Ande has been left to fend for himself.
(except for the hour that we took to go to the gym)
I am lucky that he is so good at entertaining himself! What a gem. 
So now that I have taken all this precious time to vent, it is back to work I go!

But first, a quick Friday Finds for you.

Saw this amazing idea for a child's desk here.
It was a guest post by iCandy Handmade on Ucreate.
She took old cupboard doors and turned them into a desk, how creative is that?

I love the colors she used and the fun print she added to the top.
Most of all, I love that it opens up how it does for the kids to write and also store their paper, pencils, etc.

Make sure you go check out her tutorial!

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