Handmade by the Husband - a yarn rack!

My husband loves making homemade gifts for people as much, if not more, than I do.
He always has the most resourceful ideas.
For our anniversary he made me a Photo Box for taking better pictures of my hats (unfortunately, Ande pretty much ruined it).
For Mother's Day, I woke up to amazing strawberry pancakes, marshmallows from Ande, and Curtis' latest crafty creation....

A yarn rack!

This little rack is the perfect place for me to store yarn right by my bedside (which is where I usually sit to crochet). All you have to do is slide the yarn on the dowels and they just roll along as I work. Great idea, right?

Here are the materials:
 He used 2 long pieces of wood (not sure what size), 4 smaller pieces, 6 rods that look like long screws (which I'm told are actually welding rods), 12 bolts, and some spray paint.

 First, he cut the 4 small pieces of wood into a trapezoid shape.

He then measured and drilled holes for the dowel rods to fit through.

Next, he fit the 4 smaller pieces onto the 2 long pieces of wood.
He glued and stapled them together, making sure the bottom was flush and flat.

Then, lil' baby wakes up from his nap and you've got to take a little break...

Here is the rack, all put together. All it needs is a little sanding and painting!

And, voila! The perfect bedside yarn rack for the totally obsessed, crochet-a-holic wifey.

There is nothing like receiving a home made gift. 
It took a lot of creativity and hard work (Curt was out in the shed working on this for like 5 hours!), so I know for a fact that it comes straight from the heart.
I love it!
(Thanks babe!)

Anyone else have some fun hand made gifts to share?


  1. Curt--nice work! That is really cool! Serious...Just that you thought through the idea would be present enough. Way to be little brother :)

  2. This is awesome! Gonna show my husband! Thanks for visiting my blog - new follower!

  3. What a great idea! What a sweet hubby to think of it too! Your newest follower.