Sunday Snapshots {9}

I've been having fun with this Instagram app on my phone!

I already posted these pictures on my facebook, so you may have already seen them but they are the only "snapshots" I have from the week.

 Here is Ande taking a minute to observe the mess he made on our bed. I'm sure he was feeling quite accomplished!

 Friday night, we went out to eat for my birthday. Ever since Ande was born, we rarely take pictures of ourselves. Who would want to look at us, when there is a cute baby around?

...Or maybe it's because we always make faces like this and can never seem to get a good smiling picture?

I'm so glad it is a long weekend, we plan to spend most of our Memorial Day at the pool.
It better not rain again or I will go into a deep depression! We've had enough rain, thunder, and hail this week to last us a while!
How will you be spending your day off?

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