I've got sand in my toes!

Today is the first official day of summer.
Honestly, I feel like the summer is already halfway over, and that is depressing!
Luckily, all of our fun vacations are about to begin and I can't wait!
Last year, we enjoyed 2 amazing trips to the good ol' North Carolina coast (my favorite place), and a fun, family filled month long trip to Utah.

It was a great summer, with so many fun memories that I'm still thinking about a year later.

This year, we are making a trek up to New Hampshire, a place I've never been, to enjoy another family reunion. I can't wait to see the beautiful north east and all the family that we miss so much. I can't wait for Ande to get to interact with all of his cousins (all 15 of them) now that he is a little older and more on their level.

And of course, we have another beach week planned. There is nothing more beautiful, fun, and relaxing than a summer week spent in Emerald Isle, NC. I love the all of the sun kissed cheeks, the salty hair, and the sandy toes!

And that is why I have decided to dedicate an entire week, here on my modest little blog, to all things summery, beachy, and sunny.

That's right folks, get ready for....

Vacation Week! Let's get our toes a little sandy, shall we?

I will be posting all about things related to summer vacations from beach-wear tutorials, to yummy summer recipes, to car/plane ideas for entertaining on those long summer trips.
Festivities will begin Monday, June 27th!
I can't wait and I hope you will come visit throughout the week for some great ideas!

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