Inspiration Workshop #1

Just thought I'd join in on this fun little community link party that starts up this week put on by Gussy Sews. Every week she will give us a "prompt" that will get us thinking about what inspires us.

This weeks prompt:

This week's prompt, in true Gussy fashion, is everything HANDMADE. A great way to kick off the Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!, right?!  Do you have a favorite blanket that your grandmother knitted for you? Does your child play with a HANDMADE toy? What about that construction paper and macaroni creation on your refrigerator? What do you make or want to make?

My handmade inspiration:

This blanket was crocheted by a close family friend. She was one of the first members of our church in the community. She was such a fountain of knowledge, love, fun, and creativity. She was amazing at crochet and made this blanket for Ande when he was born. She passed aways shortly after and I kick myself pretty often that I didn't realize my interest in crochet until after she died. She would have been a great teacher!


  1. What a lovely gift that was! And a cute little boy you have there. Its never to late to learn :)

  2. I really miss Chloe, too! She was a gem!