Inspiration Workshop #3

This weeks prompt from Gussy's Inspiration Workshop is:


It's a pretty broad topic, but when I think of "green," I think of my ridiculously over grown yard.
I already talked about how I am sick and tired of all the weeds (in my Goals post) but have absolutely no interest in gardening whatsoever. My yard is full of this:

And even though dandelions make a beautiful photograph, they aren't so magical in real life.

If I had lots of money, I'd pay someone to come make my yard look more like this:

I love the idea of turning something ugly or uninteresting and making it into something beautiful.
Our yard has so much potential and I would love for it to live up to that potential.
I guess I just want my yard and home to look nice so that people can see that we take pride in our things and that we are grateful for what we have. 
We are so lucky to have this house that keeps our little family safe and comfortable.
Since this topic keeps popping up, I guess somebody is trying to tell me to stop complaining and get to work!


  1. Despite the weeds being a problem, it sure is a pretty picture!! Stoppin' by from Gussy Sews!

  2. I'm not into gardening either so I can relate. While my yard doesn't quite look like the photo, we do have a few dandelions here and there. I love them!!! They symbolize pleasant and joyous surroundings and being content with where you are in life. I guess it's all in how we choose to look at things. Is it a weed? A weed to be pulled? Or an expression of joy? I'm going to go with joy:)