Inspiration Workshop #4

This week's prompt is SPEND THE DAY PLAYING.Playing isn't just for the wee ones, but is important for us adults, too! If you had a day free, what would you do? Or, if you had the opportunity recently, what did you do? Maybe this is a great excuse to get out and do something fun one day this week :] I encourage you to share photos you've taken, or photos of things you'd like to do {remember to include proper photo credit}. I challenge you to put together a playful photo collage of how youSPENT THE DAY PLAYING!

This weeks prompt was easy.
I basically did spend the whole day playing today (it's Wednesday as I write this).
My mom and I have started walking around a lake by our house and let me tell you it is a hard workout!
The hills are killer! I guess that isn't exactly playing, but after our walk today we took Ande out on a paddle boat.
Our legs were exhausted but it was a blast to see Ande experience something new!
After naps, Ande and I spent the afternoon at the pool.
I love the pool. There really isn't anything else to do in the afternoons when it gets so hot.
It is so refreshing!

Some nice lady offered (practically demanded) to take some pictures of us together.
I just love Ande's crazy expressions as she tried, and failed, to get him to smile.
As you can tell, I've been doing a little fiddling with my camera's manual settings.
I'm still learning, obviously, and working out the kinks!
So to me, this is what a day spent playing is like.
Anything that involves some water and sunshine is alright by me!

How do you spend your "play time?"


  1. He's a cutie!! I used to LOVE playing at the pool! What a fun way to spend the day playing ;D

  2. FUN! We spent the day yesterday at a splashpad :) Love the kiddos when they're having fun in the water! :)

    I hopped over from Gussy Sews ;)
    Erin -

  3. you are so, so darling! and how sweet is your son?! i love playing at the pool...! thanks for linking up :] xoxo