Random Thoughts 2.0

2.1 Call me a "nosy neighbor" if you want, but I am both dumbfounded and intrigued by my neighbors on a daily basis. Sometimes I just can't help peeking out the windows to see what they are up to. Curtis thinks I am crazy, but I think my nosy habits are completely valid when compared to my neighbors strange habits. Don't you think it's weird that a young woman with a 1 year old little boy never leaves the house? Not to mention I see her checking the mail at 4pm still in her pajamas. It takes her almost 3 days to mow the grass every week (still in pajamas, and BARE FOOT!) because she mows for 10 minute spurts with hours of breaks in between. I know I am just ranting here, and maybe you think I'm being rude, but I just can't figure these people out and it is driving me crazy! How does one keep a toddler entertained all day every day without leaving the house? (Did I mention they have a kennel full of yippy dogs in their back yard? strange)

2.2 It's hot. That thick, sticky, southern heat has arrived. It's the kind of hot where you start sweating just by thinking about going outside. The good thing is that we are going to enjoy the heck out of the pool this summer. The bad thing is that, besides the pool, there isn't much else you can do outside. I took a walk with Ande while he rode his big wheels bike around the block yesterday. We were both cherry red in the face. I should have known that halfway around the block, he would get tired and want to be carried. We walked the rest of the way with Ande on my shoulders while I struggled to hold the big wheels and chunk of mail in my hands. He had his sweaty little fingers wrapped around my chin. It must have been a silly sight! I can't believe we made it home.

2.3 I want a love seat. I have been addictively scouring Craigslist for one. I never find anything good. Our living room is pretty bare with only a little couch to sit on. It is pretty awkward when people come over and you either have to angle your knees towards each other on the couch, or one person has to take the floor. I need a love seat, and quick!

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