Setting Goals

I've just been feeling like I want to get organized lately. When I was in school, I was a maniac about writing everything down in my planner, making lists, and staying super organized with everything I needed to do. When I don't have a set schedule with assignments due by certain dates, I find it hard to keep track of/actually accomplish everything that I have swirling around in my head to do. I used to be completely lost without my planner. It was almost like a journal for me. The last planner that I kept up with really well was right around when Curtis and I first started dating. I have every date that we went on written down, even with a few details like where we went and what we did. I am so glad that I did that, because now I can look back on those fun times whenever I want. So, to get more organized, I have gotten myself back in the habit of keeping a current planner because it is going to be one busy summer. It's already flying by! I've also decided to make some goals for myself. I'm not going to set any dates for completing these goals or anything, but at least this way I won't forget what I have planned to do! I guess this is more for my own benefit than for any of you.

So, without further ado, I give you my goals as of 6/14/2011:

{1} Get out of "Auto" mode and actually learn how to take better photo's using the manual settings on my camera. I'm so tired of looking at my blurry, funky looking pictures!

{2} Work on getting better at "refashioning" and making more clothing for me/Curt/Ande. I've wanted to start making more of our clothes for a while, but fabric is so dang expensive! I need to learn how to take the old and make something new. This is totally inspired by Meredith's Re-Work Week a couple weeks ago on her awesome-blog-that-I-stalk-every-day, Yours, Mine, & Ours.

{3} Get back into reading. I love reading. Why do I never make time for it? Good summer book suggestions anyone?

{4} Find/Make more time to do fun learning activities with Ande here at home. I'm such a slacker with this. It's a good thing he is already a smarty pants without any help from me. He must have my sister's brain genes.

{5} Continue working on decorating our house. I am so tired of all the blank walls staring at me every day. I'm also tired of the random, crooked picture frames that I threw up there just to fill the space. This goal also requires me to work on my furniture refinishing/painting skills. If I wait around for Curtis to have the time to help me, it probably won't get done!

{6} Yard work. I am cringing as I type this. I hate working outside in the yard. I don't like the heat, the dirt, the itchy plants, and most of all the bugs. I also don't like the weed garden that we have growing out front. What a delima (how are you supposed to spell that?).

Ok, now let's see what I can accomplish!


  1. Favorite summer reads of mine are any of the Harry Potter books. And I'm totally with you on the yard work. Matt isn't into working in the yard, unless it's mowing the grass on Saturday. I haven't had the energy to work in it so far, so all I have are weeds, but their days are numbered!

  2. I'll help with the yard work!!! Actually, i'll help with anything :)

  3. you are so sweet! good luck with your re-fashioning!! once you get going it's so addicting:)