Sunday Snapshots {12}

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!
Ande and I are grateful for all the fathers in our lives (Curtis, Papa, Lito).
They are all such great examples of honest, hardworking, faithful men.
I think it is so important, especially with little boys, to have great men as dads and grandpas to look up to.

So here are just a few reasons why we love Curtis...
(aka Daddy; and for some unknown reason he is now being called "Uncle Curtis")

{He enjoys and encourages creative expression.}

 [note: I keep thinking of this next set of pictures as "Teddy's Wild Ride." Funny, right?]

{We love his outgoing and friendly personality, which has thankfully rubbed off on Ande.}

{He never misses an opportunity to teach Ande something new.}

{He is so fun to play with and can always make us laugh.}

{He is a sharp dresser, and the best looking dad around! (ok...I am slightly biased)}

{He is adventurous!}

{He is laid back, and always has a positive attitude about life. It is not often that you see him without a smile on his face.}

We are so grateful to have Curtis, such an amazing husband and father.
He is loyal, hard working, and so loving.
Thank you for all you do Curt!

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