Sunday Snapshots {13}

Just a little peak into our paddle boating experience this week.

I know he looks a little "weary," but he was just taking it all in.

He was loving every minute of it. He probably would have loved it more if Nana and I could have paddled faster. Our legs were so tired from our 3 mile walk that the boat wasn't really going anywhere.

When we let him take over the steering wheel, you could see pure joy sweep across his little cheeks!

My little man in his little life vest.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I certainly did!
We have family coming in tomorrow evening and thus begins our Family Reunion week!
We are bursting with excitement around here, can't wait to see everyone!

Vacation Week starts tomorrow! Stop by for a No Cutting Required Towel Wrap Tutorial. Whew, what a mouthful!

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  1. So cute! I love that boy and his facial expressions. I sent granny some pictures of him when y'all were out here. :)