Friday Finds...floor mats and maxi dresses

At this moment, Ande is throwing his train tracks across the room asking for me to take them away.
I'm just wondering what, exactly, is he trying to accomplish here?!?

Anyways, there were a couple things that I found in crafty-blog-land this week that I really liked.

The first is a Tablecloth turned Floorcloth at Design Share.
What a great idea! This would be so much cheaper than buying a huge area rug or something!

The other project that I loved is a Maxi Dress made from a vintage sheet by Craftiness Is Not Optional
I am still looking forward to a non-pregnant body so I can start to make more of my own clothes for fun. 
I have seen several maxi dresses over the past couple weeks, but this one is by far my favorite that I've seen.
I also love the fact that she used a vintage sheet instead of yards and yards of expensive designer fabric or something!

Ok...It is almost the weekend and as I said the other day, I'll be basking in all that is HP7.2 tonight! 
Tomorrow we plan on getting a lot of yard work done (leaving is undone for over 2 weeks in the summer is a bad idea), and spending some much needed time at the pool!
Sunday afternoon, we are leaving for a week at the beach, hallellujah (although, Curt won't be able to join us until the very end...that is sad).

How will you be spending your weekend?

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  1. i just saw Harry Potter and it was amazing! i loved it! prolly my favorite.