Starfish and bullfrogs

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed Vacation Week last week! I hope you were able to get some useful summery tutorials and ideas out of it! The end of Vacation Week here on the blog marked the beginning of a week-long family reunion extravaganza with Curt's family, where the fun never ends!

So far, I have stepped foot in at least 5 states that I have never been to before in beautiful New England country. We waded in the cool, crisp ocean water of Maine, where we found hundreds of starfish and itty bitty hermit crabs clinging to the rocks.

Maine also gave us some incredible views...

In Vermont, we were spiritually uplifted as we visited the Joseph Smith Memorial birthplace. We learned a lot and the kids had a great time traipsing across the luscious green lawn.

We felt very patriotic on the 4th of July as we walked the Freedom Trail through the streets of Boston. We got to see the US Constitution battle ship sail through the harbor, climb the 290 stairs of the Bunker Hill monument, get free ice cream (for all 25 of us!), sit in the pews of Old North Church, and splash in the water in Boston Commons. That was an exhausting day, but amazingly fun nonetheless.

And now, as I sit here writing this post, I have the most amazing view of some lake country in the rolling hills of New Hampshire.

We have played on the grass at our huge bed and breakfast house,

Caught frogs in the pond,

And splashed in the clear waters of the lake.

I have so many more pictures to share, and I will as soon as we get back home and settled next week. For now, I think we better just enjoy the few remaining hours of our family time!

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