Sunday Snapshots {14} It just warms my heart...

...when I finally take a minute to stop bustling around the house and notice little Ande sitting in his room, with a pile of books on his lap, quietly flipping through each page.
This is how I found him this morning as I was running around trying to get ready for church and pack for a week at the beach.
He can't read any of the words yet, but with every flip of the page I can see the imagination just bursting from his little brain.
I love when I can literally see him thinking, learning, and discovering.

Here are some snapshots of something else that warmed up the cockles of my heart this week...
(these are all pics from my phone, so they are a little grainy)

Friday morning was a breezy 68 degrees. We couldn't believe how cool it was and the nice weather lasted almost up until noon! We had to take advantage of a beautiful day like that by spending some time outside. We hadn't been to the park in ages because of the heat. It makes me feel so good to see Ande getting a chance to run outside and sweat a little! That's what little boys are all about!

Everything was so pleasant that morning, not just the weather.
Ande shared his cars with his cousin Charlie without being asked, and Charlie wandered around gleefully.
They both reveled in every air plane that passed overhead.

Days like this almost make me ready for Fall to come. Almost

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