We're back!

Home again, home again.

Vacations are always so much fun and we look forward to them all year, but it's also nice to come home.
Our bags are unpacked, the laundry is a-washin', the pantry has been re-stocked, and now I just have to look through and edit all of my pictures. That will probably take a while, especially since I started reading a book at the beach and can't seem to put it down! I don't know why, but going to the beach always motivates me to start reading again. I finished 1 book while down there, and am about halfway through the next one. Considering my slow reading skills, that is pretty impressive!

We are settling back into our normal routine and I plan on getting this here blog back on track. It was nice to have a little time away from all this technology, but I'm also eager to get things going again.

Tomorrow, I have another Get Hooked! crochet tutorial for you! If you are new around here, Get Hooked! is just a little "intro to crochet" series that I've been doing. I have been coming up with some tutorials for fun and easy crochet projects. I have started out with some very easy patterns that will help any beginner crocheters learn the basic stitches. Over time, I will present some more complex patterns for any veteran crochet readers that I may have! Every tutorial comes in a pdf downloadable format and is completely free!

So far, there have been 7 Get Hooked! tutorials:

1. Crochet Bow Tie

2. Crochet Coasters

3. Crochet Butterfly

4. Crochet Chain Necklace

5. Crochet Flower

6. Crochet Pennant Bunting

7. Crochet Textured Diaper Clutch

Tomorrow's newest tutorial will be the Crochet Bow Belt.

The tutorial includes instructions on making this belt in any size and in different widths. I have made 3 so far and have worn them all several times, I love them! Make sure you come on back for your free pdf tutorial!

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