Bed Bugs!

Ok... we haven't actually encountered any "bed bugs" around here (thank heavens!!!!), so don't you worry.

The other night, Ande woke up screaming. 
This hardly ever happens, so Curtis and I ran into his room to see what was wrong. 
He was standing up in the front corner of his crib clutching the railing with all his might.
Something like that...
I had to pry his fingers from the crib to pick him up. 
His entire body was so tight. 
He was flexing every muscle in his little body.
It took us several minutes to calm him down, poor guy.
Curtis looked all around his bed and it was completely bug free.
We concluded that this was just the result of a frightening nightmare. 

This wasn't Ande's first bad dream, (the first being about somebody taking his blankie away), but I have never seen him so scared! I felt just awful for the little guy. Now I know how my parents must have felt when I was little and suffering from night terrors every night. 

The next day, Ande told us about "sleeping on a bug" and how the bug was laying on him. 

This just gets me thinking all about dreams and where the heck do our minds come up with these kinds of things? Ande woke up believing that there was actually a bug in his bed. He was terrified. I still have nights where I wake up shaking and have to take a few minutes to remind myself that it wasn't real. Why do our minds like to scare us like that? And then, sometimes our dreams are so lovely that we wake up wishing they were real.

How do you go about explaining "dreams" to a 2 year old? 
I wanted to tell him that the bug in his bed wasn't real, that it was just a bad dream.
Every night I tell him have "sweet dreams," but he has no idea what I mean.

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