Inspiration Workshop #10 A day in the life

Another week to be inspired by Gussy's Inspiration Workshop...

A Day In The Life...

This is going to be short and sweet. Why? Well, I am sleepy and I only have about 20 more minutes of peace and quiet nap time to snooze myself. I better get a move on!

My day usually begins with a huge hug from Ande as I get him out of his crib. We eat breakfast together and then spend most of the day playing with all of this:

We sometimes venture to the gym, the park, the mall, and definitely Target. This week, Ande had "preschool" (which is really just summer camp - but he thinks camp means tents, fires, etc) at the Y. He has loved every minute of it! I'm sad it is now over.

Occasionally, I have time to mess with all of this:

Yes, this is the actual pile of yarn and fabric laying on my bed this very minute. I am working on orders from my shop (the precious little Peanuts the Elephant hat for a elephant themed birthday party), the blanket I showed you the other day (that is slowly making progress), and a new truck blanket for Ande's bed (he picked out the fabric).

And last night, we took some time to set this up:

I've spent most of the day just staring at it. I am due a week from Friday but am already a few cm dilated according to yesterday's doctor visit. Now I am more anxious than ever to meet baby Owen! I am so happy, yet at the same time I'm feeling a little sad for Ande. He is generally a happy kid, but I can't help worrying that he will feel a little left out and abandoned. You people with several kids already probably think I'm just silly but I can't stop thinking about it! I just want to make sure both my kids feel equally loved and appreciated.

So the rest of the day will be spent getting the hospital bag ready (for whenever this thing happens!), walking, walking, walking, trying to stay cool, probably eating some ice cream at some point, and giving Ande more kisses and hugs than he can handle!

Oops...this wasn't quite as short and sweet as I anticipated. Now I only have about 10 minutes left to sleep... See ya!


  1. I love reading your posts. They feel so real. Miss you guys. Wish we lived a little close. Especially miss the cute little voice of Mr. Ande.

  2. Lindsay, I too love reading your posts. You're just amazing. Don't worry about showing Ande as much love. You and Curtis are great parents and you'll do a great job loving two! We can't wait to hear when the big day comes. Take care!