a vintage refashion part 1

I found this amazing vintage dress at my Granny's house this weekend.

It used to be my Great Grandmother's, circa 1950 something.

It's quite big on me and it needs a little work.
The white trim isn't so white anymore, but I think a little dry cleaning,
 and a little cinch here and there will do the trick!
I am still debating whether to have a pro alter it for me, or if I should do it.
The dress has seems on the sides, and some contouring and pleats on the front.
Once I figure out where to cut, I think I'll be fine.
Any refashionistas out there with any ideas?

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  1. I'm pretty sure I have the same dress in brown from Target. Your great grandma was ahead of the game! :-) I think you should make it short sleeved and add some crinoline under it to poof it out a bit.~