Christmas deadline

Christmas is coming up SO fast.
It's 75 degrees outside, so I the fact that it's the middle of November just BLOWS my mind.
Christmas is in a few short weeks and if you want to give something from my shop, you only have 3 weeks left to order, so don't wait!

In other news...

Owen is 3 months old now as of last Friday.
Talk about time going by fast...

He's still cute (even though he's balding like an old man).

He's still cute, and Ande's still sneaky.

The latest:
"Mom, I just love you so much. Can I have some candy? Because, I just love you so much!"
or it's,
"Mom, you are SO good at making lunch. Can I have some chocolate?"

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  1. Ha ha!! I love that! "Can I have some chocolate?" You're gonna have to keep an eye on that one. He's gonna be a charmer!