Snapshots {big boy bed}

As I was rocking Owen to sleep today, I spaced out for a minute and thought I was sitting there rocking Ande instead.
I almost cried when I realized how much he has grown.
Was he not just a 4 month old baby, like yesterday?
I think he looks particularly old in that first picture, looking up at the tree.
He looks big, too big for those cute, toddler style, tight legged pajamas.

I was planning on keeping Ande in a crib until he was so tall his head poked through one end...
...or until Kindergarten, at least...
but Owen needed a real bed, so we moved the crib into his room, and picked up a big boy bed from Craigslist for Ande.
I can't believe he's in a big boy bed and that I have another baby sleeping in the crib.
(What!? I have 2 kids? When did this happen?)

I don't want to jinx it, but he is adjusting really well.
Even though he wants me to sit with him and stroke his head until he falls asleep, then says, "Don't go out the door!" every time I start to move, it's nice to spend that extra bit of time with him.
I actually haven't been with him while he's fallen asleep since he was a baby.
Seeing and feeling him drift off into dream land just warms up all the cockles of my heart strings.

Yeah...I kinda dig that.

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