Snapshots {Just Ridin}

My mom took the boys Friday afternoon and I actually had time to go get my hair cut. This was good because I haven't had a hair cut since last February. Not even a trim. Yikes. The girl I usually see got fired or something and they wouldn't tell me what happened to her, so I just did a walk in and signed up for whoever was free. I know, I am so brave. If you don't know who's standing behind you, whacking away with those shears, then you usually don't end up with what you 3 inches off instead of 1/2 an inch. Then, there are those hair dressers who constantly try to upsell you things, they try to convince you that they can solve all of your problems with a dramatic cut, a complete color change, and their magical products. I really don't like when they do that. I always feel so awkward, because all I ever really want is just a simple trim, and a good head massage. Friday though, I got lucky. Hector was really nice, easy to talk to, sympathized with my frantic-mom-life and split ends, and gave a great shampoo massage. He also listened to me when I begged him to literally cut off the least amount of hair possible. When I left, he didn't try to sell me any fancy products or give me his card, and try to push for a follow-up appointment.
At first, I was thinking, "This is great! What a great hair cut." Then suddenly, "Wait...He didn't even give me his card and push for a follow-up appointment? Why doesn't he like me?"

Oh Hector... why must you tease and confuse me so?

Now I'm just missing that special hair salon shampoo smell.

Ok kids, tomorrow is Day 2 of the Think Happy Thoughts crochet pattern series! Come back and see what's in store!

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