Friday Finds { Teaching Moment - word clips }

If you're new to this here blog, every Friday I post Friday Finds. This is where I feature something that I found during the week that I thought was fun and interesting enough to share. It is usual a crafty tutorial of sorts. To me, blogging is all about being inspired by each others creativity, so that is what Friday Finds is all about!

Bug Word Clips

What a great learning activity (found on Pinterest, but from the blog, Creating & Teaching).

I'm not sure how I went from playing school in my room every afternoon as a child, to really disliking trying to sit down and teach Ande. So far, his love of books has been one of the best learning tools. Through books, he has learned letters, numbers, colors, and definitely some complex language skills. I would much rather read to him than sit down with a worksheet and try to teach him how to draw along the dotted lines, etc, etc. That is why I love finding little gems like this word clip activity. It looks fun and like something that he doesn't necessarily need me to sit down with him to do!

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  1. This is a great idea!! I have a lot of extra clothes pins from an art display thing Noel did in the playroom...I was wondering what to do with all of them! :-)