Snapshots { vintage baby }

So I found this amazingly adorable vintage jumper thingy when we were thrift store shopping in Florida.
It says that it is 12 months, but my chubby 6 month old is filling it up pretty nicely. 
He's actually almost bursting the seams...

(these are all nice and grainy phone pictures for your viewing pleasure)

And then, there's this dude, who I keep calling "dude" lately. Maybe it's the fact that he's now potty trained and hasn't had an accident in almost 5 days that put him at dude status?

Or maybe it's the fact that he has turned into the sweetest big brother (and cousin) who I found hosting a little story time of his own this morning.

Things I hope to accomplish with my little dudes this week:
- find a new book to read, for them and for me, any suggestions?
- work on some new things for my shop so I can mail them off to my awesome sister who is going to snap some shots of them for me
- find something for Ande to do during quiet time besides watching shows...
- finish serging the flannel fabric that I'm using for re-usable wipes for baby Obo. Apparently his bum is sensitive to wipes, so we're trying something new. Heck, maybe we'll save a buck or two along the way. I'm using this tutorial that I found on Pinterest (of course). Except I'm going to put the solution in a spray bottle and just spray the wipes as I use them instead of keeping them wet in the wipes box...because that tends to smell.


  1. I call Charlie dude all the time!! haha.

    And you know I'm loving Owen's jon jon. Adorable of course.

    That story time looks like the place to be!!!!!

  2. Wish I were there to enjoy the story. Cute as peas in a pod.