a little pants refashion - no cutting involved!

So I have this pair of pants, and the waist was just too big.
They are these skinny blue pants with an ultra high waist.
I love them so much, except for when they don't stay up.
Saggy, high waisted pants are not exactly cute.

I set them aside for weeks, trying to come up with some way to alter just the waist (the legs are nice and snug already).
I didn't feel confident enough to just cut into the pants, especially around the waistline. 
I'd probably break all my sewing machine needles, and end up with a crooked seam.

Finally, I had the idea to just add a button!

It literally took me less than 2 minutes, no cutting involved!
I actually added the button while still wearing the pants.
The new button is sewn on a couple inches to the side of the old button.
Now, I zip up as usual, and just pull the button hole over to my new button.
It worked like a charm!

And if you aren't too sure about the off-set button, just add a belt and you're golden!

Pants: H&M
Belt: Forever21
Shirt: Old Navy
Cardigan: Land's End


  1. Great idea! Love the outfit!

  2. That is a great idea linds! I think I'll be using that one. I was gonna suggest donuts and ice-cream to fix ur problem without cutting of sewing :)