A recipe fail {crispy sweet potato fries }

I rarely try new recipes because I just don't enjoy cooking that much. I like to stick to what I know, which are super easy recipes with very few ingredients. So, when I happened upon this crispy sweet potato fries recipe, I was a little excited. I love sweet potatoes, I love French fries, and all I needed was a little oil and corn starch!

(Photo: The Art of  Doing Stuff)

So, I cut my sweet potatoes (leaving the skins on...because it's healthy, right?), and soaked them in water.

Then, I put corn starch in a plastic bag, added the potatoes, shook them up, and put them on a non stick pan.

I drizzled olive oil on them, tossed them about, and cooked for 15 minutes on one side, and about 8 on the other. This is what I came up with:

They actually don't look bad, but they didn't taste great. I guess I didn't cut the fries small enough, used way too much corn starch, and not quite enough oil. If I get the proportions just right, I think they would be delicious! Hopefully Curtis will give me a second chance before he loses all hope in my cooking skills. That is...once he recovers from the dry mouth caused by all that corn starch!


  1. so I dont like veggies so I am always trying to find ways to make them better. I found a baked zucchini fries that I want to try. I will let you know how it goes.

  2. I get the frozen ones from Costco. I think Sams and BJ's have them too. They cost about $1.50 per pound but I have never been able to make them as well. I love sweet potato fries!

  3. I love sweet potato fries! But I have to agree with Rachel. Everytime I make them they're just never quite as good as frozen from Costco. However, if I am making them, I cut them a tad thinner, toss with olive oil and rosemary and when they come out of the oven sprinkle celery salt... yum

  4. Thanks guys! I'm going to have to look and see if they have sweet potato fries at BJ's! Anything to make cooking a little faster/easier!