To my almost 7 month old baby Owen,

You are such a chunk! When did you get so big?
I love how your mouth is always smiling and how your feet are always kicking.
You could probably eat your weight in blueberries and sweet potatoes.
Come to think of it, you probably do eat your weight in blueberries and sweet potatoes.
You don't take very long naps, but I think you just don't want to miss a moment of fun with your big brother.
I love watching you watch Ande, with so much love and adoration in your eyes.
I love how excited you get when you see your bottle, and I crave the feeling of your soft, warm, fuzzy head resting on my shoulder as I pat you to sleep.
You love to say, "Hey!" That's what it sounds like, anyways.
And, you make our hearts melt each time you bend your head to the side with that nose wrinkling, half smile.

I love spending time with you, cuddling close, and making you laugh.
I can't wait to spend the next of forever with you in our family!


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