diy pinwheel

Another thing I wanted to do for Ande's bicycle birthday party, was make some paper pinwheels as a fun activity and inexpensive party favor. We didn't end up making them because I didn't get enough  materials together on time, so I made some with my Sunday School class on Sunday instead. They loved watching me put them together, blowing, and spinning them around as fast as they could. These pinwheels could also be used as a fun decoration for your home! I'm thinking red, white, and blue would be perfect in a vase for July 4th!

Here are some simple instructions so you can make some of your own!

colorful paper, cut in circle
push pin

1. Fold the paper in half, open it up, and fold it in half again the other way to make an x with the creases.

2. Cut on each crease about 2/3 of the way towards the center.

3. There should now be 4 sections. Fold the left corner from each section into the center, overlapping each other.

4. Poke the awl through the center, making sure it goes through all 4 corners.

5. Replace the awl with the push pin (the awl creates a hole which is larger than the push pin, this is essential for making the pinwheel spin!).

6. Stick the push pin into the eraser on the pencil.

7. Blow into the pockets formed by the twisting corners and watch your pinwheel spin!

Play, decorate, enjoy!

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