Friday Finds { kitchen table color }

Our dining room table and chairs were so bland.
I just stare at them so often (along with other things in our house), that I get this itch to change things up.
I get this itch pretty often. I guess you could say, I'm itchy.

I usually wait around to start projects for a Saturday when Curtis will be home and can help me out.
When I do that, though, the projects never get done. It either rains or we get busy.
So this week, I was very proud of myself.
I went out and bought paint, lugged that daggum heavy table outside, and painted it all by myself.
It was probably the best spray paint job I have ever done (which isn't saying much), but there were a lot less drips this time!
Then, the paint dried, and I realized the blue was a lot brighter than I had anticipated.
Then, I painted the top white to tone it down a little.
I thought I liked it, until Curtis just told me it looked "cartoon-ish" and like it belonged on Blues Clues.

This is it, and keep in mind the color is a little skewed from being an Instagram photo...

So, now I'm in a quandary.
What to do with this table?
We aren't really in the market for buying anything new...
I kind of like the color, but Curtis is causing me to wonder.
 And then there's the question of what to paint the chairs...all white? all blue? a combination of both?

I decided to look up a bunch of pictures online of colorful kitchen tables just to show Curtis that it's not just me, everyone is doing it! Right?
Maybe not the blue mine turned out to be (I was going for a much more toned down cornflower blue, but all well), and I found a lot of aqua, red, yellow, and even orange.

So, that is what I've found this week.
Love it? Hate it?
What are your thoughts?


  1. Oh my gosh! I love the third one! I really like them all, but I think the third one has to be my favorite...and I love the white chairs with it!

  2. I love the bright blue. A lot. I mean, I understand why Curtis thinks it's cartoony, but if your kitchen or dinging room were mostly white with that color of blue accenting it? Maybe the chair color could help tone it down? Definitely more white.

    And not that his helps anything, but bright orange on top of the table would be a lot of fun :)