Turn any crochet flower into a headband

I'm sure you've seen them...all of the adorable crochet headbands floating around the internet.
Well, I thought I'd show you that you can have one of your very own without spending any money!
This is something that even a beginner crocheter can do!

All you need is 1 crochet flower, a little extra yarn, your trusty crochet hook, scissors, and a measuring tape.
You may already have a crochet flower that you use as a broach or hair clip, but they are also easy to make.
There are so many resources online for fun, and easy, crochet flower patterns.
Try Youtube.com, or Ravelry.com for more free patterns than you can shake a stick at.

Once you have your flower, flip it over and find a good spot for attaching your extra bit of yarn.
Fasten on the extra yarn to you hook and then slip stitch it onto the back of the flower (it doesn't really matter where, there will be a lot of places you could slip the hook under, just make sure it is sturdy).

Now, measure around your head with the tape measure.

Chain until you have matched the length of your head measurement.

Once you have matched your head measurement, fasten the yarn onto the opposite side of the flower with another slip stitch. To create multiple straps for your headband, simply start chaining again, making sure to chain the same number of times as the first headband strap.

Each time you finish a strap, slip stitch it into place.

When you have finished, cut your yarn and fasten off with a knot, making sure to weave in all of your loose ends.

That's it! It really was so easy to do. And of course, I love adding little embellishments to my flowers, like the blue polka dot fabric button I got from HeyDayHandmade!