A bridal shower for Laurie

My little sister is getting married! 
She goes to school out of state so we've been a little crazy with wedding plans while she's been home the past week.
My sister-in-law, Ashley, threw Laurie a beautiful bridal shower to get the wedding planning off to a great start.
She did a great job, which you can see from the pictures (and you can read more about it here on her blog).
I especially loved the hydrangea table toppers.
All I really contributed was the "LOVE" banner that adorned the fireplace.
For the banner, I just cut half circles out of card stock, cut the letters with my Cricut, and hand sewed them all together with a little crochet thread.
I don't know what it is about sewing through paper...but I'm kind of addicted to it! Try it and you will see!

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