Curtsay Designs Shop Update!

I've been busy working on something new...

This little project started out as something completely different.
It's funny how ideas can change over time.
I first had the idea for some designs, which I enlisted a good friend, Jessica, to help me with.
She's an amazing artist, and she did such a great job of visualizing my ideas and putting them to paper.

{You can contact her at someday876 [at] gmail . com for any artistic needs you may have!}

For the longest time, these wonderful drawings were all I had.
I mentioned the other day my lack of creative inspiration lately...
that was until another one of my great friends suggested I learn a new skill.
I took up embroidery and I absolutely love it.
I love the way the colorful threads look against the canvas fabric. 
I love the texture of the designs.
I love these bags and hope you do too!

There are more designs to come, and I will post them as I make them.
(I even have some kid-friendly designs that would make the perfect library tote. I can't wait to show you!)
These canvas totes are perfect for the eco-friendly grocery buyer, the avid reader/library go-er, or even the fashionable shopper.
There are so many things you can do, and places to see with a new bag on your shoulder!

"Je t'aime" Embroidered Canvas Tote

"Bonjour" Vintage Typewriter Embroidered Canvas Tote

*Find all new hand embroidered canvas totes, HERE, in the Curtsay Designs shop!*

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  1. Hey! That friend who gave you you're idea to learn new things is a genius! ;) They look great Lindz!!