High Five for August!

August has had it's ups and downs, but overall it was a great end to a busy, fun, hot summer!

Here are some of my favorite things from this month...

1. Our annual family beach trip. I loved watching Ande discover all the cool boats and anchors, while Owen explored the sunny, sandy beaches.

2. Owen turned 1! It's crazy how grown up he is acting lately. He even clasped his hands together for prayers last night and we just want to eat him up. 

3. I love catching Ande in the act...of reading that is! Whenever he is off in another room being unusually quiet, I know he's not up to no good. It usually means he's reading. He's just getting himself ready to start preschool next week (eek!).

4. Family pictures! We had our good friend Leah Watkins take some snapshots of our family this month.
She always does an amazing job. I love her! I love having pictures taken at each stage of our family. I love the way Leah always captures everyone's personalities so well, and I am especially excited to finally have some new pictures of Curtis and I!

5. I am having so much fun learning and working on this new skill I've acquired. I am officially an old lady now, since I spend my time crocheting and embroidering, but I love it. I have already posted a few fun embroidered bags in my shop, but there are more to come...and one that I'm especially excited about! 

It's always a little sad to see summer end, but I'm pumped for Fall! Bring on the cool weather and the colorful leaves!

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  1. Leah did such a great job with your family pictures!

    I know...I can't believe Owen is already 1. Time really does fly!

  2. ADORABLE family pictures!!

    Happy Friday! Stop by and say hello! :)

  3. your blog is so bright and pretty :) and what cute little guys you have :)


  4. Found you through the link up! Your kids are too cute. That's awesome that your son already loves books! I'm trying to learn how to crochet...I haven't gotten too far yet for a lack of time. :)


  5. Aww your boys are adorable!