My friday favorites

Pretty much everything that I loved about this week was due to the weather.
Things are changing around here.
The temperature is slowly creeping down.
When in the shade, it is cool and breezy.
The leaves are starting to change colors, and some are already falling to the ground.
I haven't talked to anyone lately who isn't excited about the coming of Fall.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the week:

1. We went to the park more this week than the entire summer combined.

2. More time outside means extra tired boys. Naps have been good to me this week!

3. Our park picnic yesterday was glorious. The park we went to had so much shade and open fields of grass. We just sat on our blanket, eating some healthy snacks, and soaked it all in.

4. Ande had a phase where he was scared of monsters in his room, and formed a habit of getting up every night and running into our room around 5 am. He kept coming into our room even after the fears subsided. I was getting so frustrated with lack of sleep, so I made him another sticker chart (we had like 3 while potty training). I don't know what it is about putting little stickers in little squares, but IT WORKS. I am so thankful for that. We are going on day 5 of sleeping straight through the night, back to normal.

5. I had a dream that one of my friends died. It was so weird and so real. I even went through most of the next day thinking it was real. It wasn't until she posted on facebook or instagram that I realized it was a dream. I'm losing it, but I'm so glad it wasn't real!

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  1. Your boys are darling!! I love how your park has sand too... very beachy!!

    I'm sorry you had that horrible dream last night, but those kinda scary dreams make us love our loved ones even harder!

    Found you through the H54F link up! Happy Friday! xo, Bev