School Flashbacks

Ande had his first day of preschool this week.
He was excited, and I was excited for him.
So far, he loves it.
On the way back home, after dropping him off, I started to remember some of the things I loved about my school days...
From the He-Man swing set, dress-up closet, and glockenspiels in preschool to the school lunches in the cafeteria in middle and high school. 
My dad fixed our lunches every single day, from Kindergarten all the way until I could go off campus for lunch in high school.
The best days were the days I opened up my little brown paper bag to find a lunch-able and a Dr. Pepper.

*This is the point in my "remembering" where I started craving a pizza lunch-able, stopped at the grocery store to buy some, and made the boys eat them with me for lunch.  Probably the weirdest pregnancy craving I've had so far. They didn't really appreciate the goodness of the lunch-able. Maybe it's because they actually aren't that good? Who cares, I still love em.*

There were a lot of things that traumatized me about school (like the girl who's face was burned in a fire, and any bad grade I ever got), but overall I have some great memories.
I hope that as Ande starts going to school that he will be able to make the same kind of memories as I did.
Most of all, I hope he will make friends in school like I did. 
I can't believe he is getting so old, but I can't wait to see what great things he accomplishes as he grows.

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