costume love { diy blue bird costume }

My mind is always whirling with costume ideas this time of year.
I don't usually get dressed up but it sure is fun to get the boys all fancied up.
I love the idea of a handmade/diy costume because then you can be sure that it is one of a kind!
You don't even have to spend hours sewing or be dramatically creative to make a Halloween costume, either!

Over the next couple weeks, I'm going to share with you a few diy costume ideas that I put together.
They are all so easy and some even use things that you might already have lying around the house.
So, if you are struggling for an idea this year, I hope that I might give you some inspiration!

A diy blue bird costume could be oh-so-fun to make!
It's also incredibly versatile...cute for a girl or a boy!

With this idea, you'll need to make a hat and some wings.
You could always buy the wings from someone extra talented like Big Birds Boutique
however, I think making the wings yourself would be really fun.
You could cut out 2 triangles of fabric, and several scalloped strips in different colors.
Sew the strips on to your triangles, making sure to overlap.
Attach the two triangles along one end with some bias tape and create loops for the neck and wrists.
I haven't made these myself, but it seems pretty fun to do!
As for the bottoms, a cute pair of leggings in a fun design would do the trick!

crochet blue bird hat :: Curtsay Designs
costume bird wings :: Big Birds Boutique
striped leggings :: J.Crew

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  1. I love this! If I actually thought that H would keep a hat on I would think about it.