Frinstagram and Lessons Learned

This week's Instagram photos on Friday...

And a few lessons learned...

-Don't take your kids to Target, unless you are willing to spend 20 minutes in the toy isle searching for toys that "aren't in a box."
-If your kids are in the other room and the house is extremely quiet, chances are, something very bad is happening in that other room.
-If you choose to ignore that very quiet hint of destruction, you might find two giggling boys and the toilet clogged and overflowing with an entire roll of toilet paper.
-Don't buy bath mats that can't be machine washed and dried.
-The toilet water smell lingers.
-If your child falls asleep in the car, don't make any sharp turns or they will get a fierce crick in their neck.
-Chocolate milk is a good substitute for a late night ice cream craving when you promised yourself ice cream was only for the weekends. But it has to be really chocolatey.

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