Frinstagram and November's Best

This week's Instagrams on Friday...and some of my favorites from November...

I must confess, I haven't been taking very many pictures lately,
but that doesn't mean that we haven't shared some great moments in our family this month.
Living with a 1 year old keeps life interesting and fun all on it's own!
Owen is such a joy to be around lately, we just love watching him learn, talk, and toddle around.
This month, his favorite word is "trash" and he freaks out every time we see a trash can.
Every. single. time.
Ande has been loving preschool and we have loved listening to him explain what he has learned.
My favorite thing is to secretly listen in on him and Owen playing.
He loves to hold his own preschool in his room where he sings songs, and tries (really hard) to get Owen to pay attention.
We spent Thanksgiving in the mountains to visit extended family.
The weather and scenery are always beautiful there, and the people even better!
We enjoyed watching the boys play with their Aunts and Great-Grandma and eating a lot of good food (that I didn't even have to cook!).
The month has come to a close with a lot of early Christmas preparation.
I love Christmas, especially now that I can enjoy it with a family of my own.
Ande has been excited to learn about the "Nativity," constantly playing with our Little People Nativity set.
Owen has no idea what this Christmas stuff is all about, 
but he did make friends with a miniature Santa yesterday...
So maybe he's more wise to all these festivities than we think!

Now, it's on to December.
A month full of family time, gift giving, my sister's wedding, 
and preparing for the arrival of our new little dude.
Let's get on with it!

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  1. Owen looks like he's ready to bring that Santa home with him!!

    Do you guys have the Elf on the Shelf? I bet they'd love that!

    And yes, I really do need to get that little people's nativity set.

  2. what a little cutie!! a thanksgiving in the mountains sounds wonderful!

    Helene in Between