knitting love {little guy knit tie}

I kept seeing knit ties for men in stores (like this one from J.Crew) lately so I asked Curtis (skeptical of crochet/knitted clothing) if he would wear one. To my surprise, he said he would! It just had to be skinny and not have a huge knot. So I set out to make one for him. But knitting is slow, and men's ties are long...

So I made a children's version instead!

 The Little Guy Knit Tie...

Here's how I made it:

-worsted weight yarn
-size 8 knitting needles

1. cast on 10 sts.
2. work seed st for 13 inches.
3. on next row, still working in seed st, decrease 1 st in first and last st (now 8 sts).
4. continue seed st for 15 rows (or 2 1/4 inches).
5. on next row, still working in seed st, decrease 1 st in first and last st (now 6 sts).
6. continue seed st until entire piece measures 39 inches. Cast off.

Now, the knot is a little bigger than I (or Curtis) would like, but that is probably because my tie tying skills are sparse. But other than that, I like how it turned out!

It's always fun to find stuff to make for my boys. Let's face it, there aren't many knitting/crochet patterns for boys (atleast patterns that my kids would actually wear). So when I do find something, I get excited. I think Anderson even had a good time modeling the tie for me.

Or, maybe it was the candy incentive...

Don't know how to tie a tie? Watch this video!

Need help with seed stitch? Here's a great how-to video!

Email me with any questions! lindsayhaynie @ gmail [dot] com


  1. what method of decrease do you use for the first and last stitches in the rows it says to decrease? does it matter? thanks!!! hoping to make these for my two sons for easter!

  2. Hey Casey! It shouldn't matter, but I just decreased by knitting 2 stitches together!