wake up! my goals for 2014

I usually try to avoid making New Year's resolutions. I don't think I made any last year (or if I did, I don't remember them). I like to avoid the feelings of regret or guilt when I fail to accomplish my goals. 

I was planning to do the same this year and just avoid the whole ritual, until Curtis and I had a discussion about it during family prayers the other night. 

He jokingly (or maybe not-so-jokingly) told me I needed to "Wake up!" in 2014. At first I was like, "Say, what?" But then I started to realize that he was right. 

I'm not going to lie, 2013 was not the easiest year for me and I spent most of it in a "newborn daze," or sick (strep throat 3 times in 2 months...what the heck!), or being just plain tired. 

There are many things about the year that I will cherish forever (Milo's birth, trip to Gettysburg, beach trip, etc), but there are many things I don't want to repeat. 

So this year, I plan to wake up! like Curtis suggested. There aren't going to be any huge changes for our family this year (no new babies, possibly finished nursing soon...possibly) and I hope that will help me out a little bit. There are a couple things I want to change for my personal happiness, and a few things I want to change for my families happiness.

For me:
get back in to my workout routine (exercise means less sickness, right? more energy?)
keep perfecting my craft (take risks in my crochet and knitting)
remember my old love...dance...and possibly take some classes?

For my family:
be less grumpy in the morning (mornings are a struggle every.single.day)
cook better dinners (no more too dry chicken...)
keep my focus on my children during "awake" times, and leave my personal projects for "asleep" times
travel and take the children on more weekend adventures!

So there you go. I have enjoyed reading every one's resolutions for the new year. I really do. I find so much inspiration in reading other people's goals and aspirations. I may forget about my own goals before spring even arrives, but here's to hoping I don't!


  1. Love it Lindsay! Good luck...I haven't made mine yet. I do have a tip for you though...instant read meat thermometer. ..ha ha ha...then at least you can have juicy chicken every night!

  2. isn't it amazing how husbands can cut right through with the truth. It always feels a bit harsh at first, followed by "oh you're right." I've decided newborn phase is just rough. It's exhausting and challenging and I only have 2! Everyone tells me 3 is the game changer--so kudos for making it through the year with such cute beautiful boys that look happy in every picture!