between him and me {Milo Says}

Milo is really at a fun age right now. He is a parrot and will repeat anything he hears which is totally cute, but you definitely have to be careful! He is such a loving, fun, chatty, goofball. He always runs, never walks, is still obsessed with monkeys, and just loves exploring the world around him. He is my little shadow and I love his guts.

Here are some of the funny things he's been saying lately:

While riding in the car:
Milo: "Mom, there's a sticker in the van!"
Me: "What's that sticker doing in here?"
Milo: "STICKIN'"

While looking at a cut on his finger:
"My blood is bloodin'!"

Because people always ask his brothers what grade they're in, or how school is going Milo now says this to inform people he, too, goes to "class":
"I'm 2. I go to the gym"

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