Having Happy || A Blog Update

Do you ever have certain ideas or "themes" pop up in your life over and over again?



I experience a bit of depression and some anxiety both during and after pregnancies. And so, given the fact that I've spent the past, almost 9 years, doing a lot of baby growing and raising, I've also felt a lot of ups and downs emotionally. From an outside perspective, my life seemed to be everything I wanted it to be. Everyday tasks were exhausting and I felt a little numb to all the life happening around me. I wasn't always sad, but I also wasn't always happy.

A couple years ago though, I had this moment where I realized that I was kind of sitting around waiting for happiness to "happen to me." Yes, post-partum depression is real and something you can't necessarily control, but I've found that when I choose joy, I'm more likely to have joy.

I wrote about that first realization here, and how all that came to be while struggling to get pregnant with our fourth. And then, almost a year later, I was asked to give a church lesson on comparison and social media. As I prepared for that, I felt guided towards researching happiness. So once again, this idea of making joy instead of waiting for it just showed up on my radar. And since that time, I've thought about it every day. Every day the words "having happy" have been cycling through my mind. And every day I think about what it means to be happy, how can I have true happiness, and how can I share that with my family, friends, and everyone?

Repeating those words to myself has helped remind me to choose happiness every day, but I've also made changes in the way I pursue creativity, acknowledge gratitude, and give to others. I'm definitely still a huge, giant work in progress, but the seeds have been planted. I still don't like doing some of the mundane tasks that come with being a grown up, like dishes or lalundry, but those are some of the simple things that used to feel so overwhelming to me. Because I've chosen to "have happy," even when things don't go my way, or I feel frustrated, I still feel a sense of peace knowing that I can be mad or sad for a little bit, but ultimately still be a happy person.


I feel like I could go on and on about this topic, mainly because I've been thinking about it and reading about it, etc, for so long now. And this is what prompted the change in my blog. "Love City" is no more and I feel a little bit sad about that, but ultimately I'm excited for some new direction. There has been such a shift in my mindset the past couple years, and because this blog is such a part of me, it inevitably needed to change as well. I don't know how much will actually change as far as the blog content goes, but I feel so good knowing there is a real purpose and direction set in place. I plan to continue sharing the things that make me happy, the things that make me feel full, and I'm hoping to make this more of a community where you can come to feel joy and full of creativity as well. 



Anyway, all that to say, I'm glad you're here. I hope you'll come back and interact, and let's see where this thing goes!

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