Quaintly Be || Handmade Children's Clothing

I've had this idea in my mind for months upon months, but I always pushed it to the side for one reason or another. Lucy's early weeks were hard, and I didn't have a lot of extra mental space. But around her first birthday, things started to get easier, and fun, and all around enjoyable. Here and there, I would come up with ideas and designs and get really excited. But as usual with me, fear always takes over and stops me in my tracks. It wasn't until a heartfelt chat with one of my closest friends (over pancakes, at IHOP), where I really felt motivated and encouraged to pursue my art. She is a bundle of creativity and her enthusiasm is contagious I tell you! So, after that talk and reading this book, and a lot of thought, I decided to just jump in head first (remember my one little word for 2018!?).

I am so excited to be opening my very own children's clothing business, Quaintly Be!

You may be thinking..."Is "quaintly" even a word?" "What does that even mean!?"

Yes, it is in fact a word, and it means this: 

Quaintly:  [adverb]  in an attractively unusual or old-fashioned manner.

From the beginning, this business has been inspired by my kids. One thing that I've always wanted for them is for them to be different from the world, to be unusual because they are kind. There is so much hate, comparison, and greed in the world. I want to raise up children who stand above the rest by spreading joy, compassion, and love. 

I want them to be different by making a difference.

I am also inspired by all things woodsy, whimsical, and old fashioned. My designs reflect the flowers that I see, the colors I observe, and the simplicity in vintage fashions. 

The bottom line is, I want the little ones who wear my bonnets, blankets, dresses, and tees to feel happy in the simple, natural designs, and to feel confident in spreading that joy to others. 

I want my little wearers of Quaintly Be to be Quaint & Kind

Quaintly Be will be open for business on March 20th, the first day of spring! 

And because I believe in spreading kindness, I want your orders and support to mean something. 10% of monthly proceeds will go towards the My Stuff Bags Foundation. You can read all about it on their site, but they are dedicated to supporting children who are in crisis. 

There will be more to come, with a facebook group + Email list where you will be encouraged to share all the ways your quaint and kind little ones are spreading joy! 

To stay updated on all the goings-on please follow me at QuaintlyBe on Instagram!

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