Our Special Easter!

I know, I know...Easter was forever ago. 

I was talking to my friend the other day about how we rarely see each other lately. What it comes down to is just life getting busy. The boys all have their afternoon activities with karate and soccer and piano. About a month ago, I also launched my new shop (which you can read about here, and shop here)! And with all that comes the simple fact of me trying to be a mom to four kids... trying to feed them good dinners... trying to get everyone where they need to be... stopping to color when they want me to... reading all the books Lucy drops in my lap... etc. etc. I know you get it!

So all that to say, Easter happened a while ago, but I'm finally posting some of our pictures! 

Our Easter weekend was really great and relaxing. We spent Saturday with my brother's family as his son was baptized into our church. We loved getting to be there for that special moment (Ande was also baptized this time last year!). That weekend we also spent some time listening to General Conference, which is a twice-yearly time where we get to listen to talks given by members of our church, including our Prophet (If you're interested you can listen to them here). I actually have a hard time sitting still for such a long period of time, so we decided to enjoy the nice weather that day and lay out on blankets in our yard while we watched. It was beautiful, sunny, and the kids were able to color and play with bubbles.

Easter morning, we did our typical baskets for the kids and egg hunt in our back yard! The boys were fast and furious with their collecting, and watching Lucy figure out what to do was so fun!

Overall, the weekend was really relaxing and we enjoyed some fantastic spring weather, which has been few and far between this year!


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