Beach Life || Our Summer Vacation In Atlantic Beach, NC

I wasn't really feeling nostalgic about summer ending, like I usually do, until I started looking back over these photos from our beach trip wayyyyyy back in June!

I procrastinated getting this post up for so long because I was planning to have our yearly beach trip video ready to post with it. For whatever reason, that video is just not happening at the moment. I can't get into it. I hope that I'll get it done eventually though, because our yearly beach videos are some of my very favorite things to look back on!

Every year we make a trip down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for our annual family beach vacation. Every year the week goes by way too fast, and we don't quite feel ready to leave. So this year, we decided to make our stay two weeks instead of one!

I'm so glad we did! We really nestled in to the beach house life (staying in a home we've visited many times over). We had time to make it feel like our home away from home and we spent more time relaxing, less time trying to "fit everything in." 

I had just finished my first trimester, and thankfully, the terrible nausea and sickness that I was dealing with finished with it! I wasn't loving my not-quite-showing-yet-not-quite-normal looking body in a bathing suit, but with our private beach, there was no one to care about it but me!

The boys were braver than ever before in the waves (which actually terrifies me), while Lucy took some time to warm up to them! We spent a lot of time spotting dolphins and in tide pools catching tiny fish, and even had one make it's way into Ande's bathing suit... (thanks to his always teasing dad).

I always take more photos than anyone probably cares to see, but we have even more this year with the longer stay. I'm posting many of them below and hope to look back on these memories for years and years to come!

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